During our consultation, our goal is to achieve the 4 main STEPs below.

S - Streamlining

T - Time Saving

E - Efficiency

P - Productivity

To obtain the goal we need to determine the entire process surrounding the data you are working with by answering and reviewing the following questions.

  • Where does the data originate?
  • How is it accessed?
  • What format is it in?
  • What changes need to be performed?
  • What copies need to be made at different stages?
  • What results are required?
  • What format do the results need to be in?
  • Where are the results stored?
  • Where are the results sent?

We distinguish data from files, because data may be coming from any of the following:

  • A file on disk
  • A database query
  • An email server
  • A website
  • An FTP site
  • Several others

Example - Current Satellite Image Link

We are always adding new automation services and would like to find out what industry you are in and what your business needs are. If you have two minutes, we would like your input to help with our Research.

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