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Custom Visuals specializes in one of Information Technology's core data processing stages, Extract, Translation and Load, or ETL. With extensive backgrounds in Weather, Energy and Financial processing, we have developed applications and services around fast and efficient processing with an emphasis on customer convenience. Our core business is geared toward removing the extra steps and obstacles to data processing. We match our data to your format and delivery requirements.

Weather Processing

GOES East Water Vapor

Energy Processing

Financial Processing

AGN240.552017-04-27 10:14:00
BBY52.382017-04-27 10:14:00
COO199.852017-04-27 10:13:00
ECL129.122017-04-27 10:14:00
F11.3652017-04-27 10:15:00
GLW28.732017-04-27 10:15:00
IVZ32.672017-04-27 10:15:00
MDLZ45.162017-04-27 10:15:00
PNW86.112017-04-27 10:14:00
REGN363.772017-04-27 10:14:00
ROP217.332017-04-27 10:15:00
TXN81.052017-04-27 10:15:00
UNH175.862017-04-27 10:15:00
WFM36.542017-04-27 10:15:00
WMB30.7052017-04-27 10:15:00

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