Custom Visuals, LLC is based in Valparaiso, Indiana and run by Mike and Rhonda Schienle. Mike and Rhonda have been married since 1992.

The company was originally started in 1995 as Custom Data Visualizations and provided application development for remote sensing and image processing for the Aerospace industry. In 2003, as our client base broadened to include additional industries in Financial, Weather, Environmental and Energy, the name was changed to Custom Visuals, LLC. We now focus on services using software automation and virtual robots to process gigabytes of data every day.

About Mike and Rhonda

Mike Schienle

Mike handles the technology and programming aspects of the business. He received a BS in Engineering and has attended dozens of classes and read hundreds of books to continue his interest in software and technology. Mike manages the computer workstations and servers used to handle the automated processing and websites. Mike has received multiple awards over more than 3 decades of software development and management positions. Mike enjoys pushing computers and networks to their limits so he can have time to learn something new or interesting.

Rhonda Schienle

Rhonda manages the financial and customer relations aspects of the business. She is a professional student and can always be found with a book or two open on her desk or nightstand as she learns about and researches a variety of topics. Rhonda is an Ordained, Interfaith Minister, Pastoral Care Specialist and has an MS in Holistic Theology and a BS in Metaphysics. She is an inspirational author, radio host, presenter and leads Spiritual discussion groups open to the community. She provides non-denominational weddings and many other services primarily to the NorthWest Indiana area.

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